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Each of us can live a life of purpose. In 2009, I learned that I possess the ability to serve military veterans transitioning into meaningful civilian careers. In this TEDx Talk, I’ll show you how to discover your purpose and lead with intention!

Lida Citroen TEDx
Engaging With Veteran Talent

Engaging with Veteran Talent, is a powerful reference for employers seeking to source, hire, onboard and develop Veteran talent. By the year 2023, estimates indicate that 3.5 million Veterans will be active in the civilian workforce. Savvy employers are planning the programs to attract and capture the contributions of this valuable employee base.

Lida Citroen - Engaging With Veteran Talent
Helping Professionals:

1. Build an influential personal brand
2. Leverage their brand into new opportunities
3. Repair a damaged reputation

Reputation 360: Creating power through personal branding

Is your personal brand working for you? Proactively driving your reputation helps you achieve the next level of success. This exciting new book shows how to build and promote your personal brand – and highlights 15+ case studies of executives who have followed this advice and achieved their dreams!

Be inspired, informed and empowered!

Having Lida speak at your next professional development event ensures your team will be transformed to higher levels of empowerment and engagement! Lida is a powerful speaker who makes audiences understand the importance of owning their reputation and effectively managing their brand through authentic action. Participants experience a motivating program that will change the way they look at the world, their work and themselves.

Your Next Mission:

A personal branding guide for the military-to-civilian transition is a powerful new employment resource for the millions of veterans transitioning into the civilian sector. This book provides a clear, compassionate, and compelling tool for building a unique personal brand, evaluating career options based on individual values, and providing clarity in the job search process.

Featuring interviews from key executives from America’s leading companies, transitioned veterans, and veteran advocates, Lida Citroën offers veterans the same information her corporate clients desire but customized for the military experience.



Military Veterans



Professional Groups


Engaging With Veteran Talent
Engaging with Veteran Talent, is a powerful reference for employers seeking to source, hire, onboard and develop Veteran talent. By the year 2023, estimates indicate that 3.5 million Veterans will be active in the civilian workforce. Savvy employers are planning the programs to attract and capture the contributions of this valuable employee base. ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY!
Secrets to Standing Apart from Competitors!
In today’s mercilessly competitive marketplace, a strong personal brand sets you apart and gives you a powerful competitive advantage. In her new book, Lida takes branding to a whole new level – from the corporate marketing realm to personal empowerment. This groundbreaking book offers Lida Citroën’s branding expertise in a format that’s as engaging and enticing as she is in person. ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY!
Veterans Transitioning to Civilian Careers
Veterans transitioning from military service to a civilian career face competitive challenges in securing a job. Since 2009, Lida has worked with national groups to offer veterans tools, workshops and information to help them build a strong and compelling personal brand. LEARN MORE!
Expertise in Reputation Management
Corporate teams, leadership groups, association members and business customers benefit from Lida's engaging and action-focused programs on competitive differentiation, personal branding, social media and reputation management. VIEW THE VIDEO HERE!

“I leveraged Lida's expertise, insights and talents in reputation management to help me clarify my vision, develop a personal brand strategy and build the tools needed to position myself authentically and effectively in a competitive marketplace. Her approach is needed by senior professionals seeking to standout in any industry.”
Teresa Taylor, Former COO, Qwest Communications (Colorado)

“Lida challenged us to seriously consider our personal brands and how we differentiate ourselves amongst the crowd of providers. Lida's credibility is enhanced by her authenticity and vast experience. Most importantly, she walks her talk and lives it out with passion!”
Mark Gouin, Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo (Colorado)

“Personal brand matters.  Lida's approach is fresh, effective, engaging and nets tangible results.”
Randy Wilhelm, CEO, Knovation (Ohio)

“From the initial audit of PSNI through to the development of our strategy, Lida helped provide clarity and focus to our “brand image” that we had not been able to achieve in the past twenty-six years.
Christopher Miller, Executive Director, PSNI (Oklahoma)

“Tackling the branding exercises with Lida was a complete eye-opener. She helped me to see strengths I didn’t know I had, and to find new and better ways to articulate key messages about my firm. Working with Lida was a game-changing experience that has helped me to grow my business.”
Charlene Blohm, President, C. Blohm & Associates (Wisconsin)

“Lida gave a presentation on personal branding via Skype to my MBA class and they loved it. Several students commented that she was the best guest presenter we've had in the class. Lida knows her stuff and walks her talk. Her own personal brand is clear, consistent, professional, and remarkable. If you need to know about personal branding, I highly recommend Lida!”
Dr. Bret Simmons, Associate Professor of Management, University of Nevada, Reno (Nevada)

“It was a delight and pleasure to work with someone so knowledgeable, passionate and experienced. Lida walked us through every step of our rebranding effort and offered unique insights and solutions. I would hire Lida again, and refer any business to her that seeks the clarity and results of a true experienced professional!”
Stephanie Klein, CEO, The Experience Factor (Colorado)

“Lida recently presented her workshop "Stand Apart from the Competition and Leverage Your Personal Brand" to a packed room of Qwest employees and she had everyone singing her praises. She was highly engaging and demonstrated credibility with her deep knowledge of the power and importance of personal branding. Everyone deserves to craft and maintain a brand that reflects their core values, skills and goals and Lida knows exactly how to help anyone make immediate changes to create a lasting impact on their personal brand.”
Jennifer Petit, Staff Project Manager, Qwest (Colorado)

“Lida's professionalism and talent as a brand strategist is inspiring. I value her input and ideas, and she has the amazing gift of helping one take their vision and put wheels on it. She has challenged me to think bigger and bolder about where I want to take my most important project of the year!”
Lethia Owens, CEO, Lethia Owens International (Missouri)

“Lida helped me bring focus to my brand that’s clear and easy for people to understand.  I also think more about how people feel versus what they think when I walk away from a meeting with them.  It’s made such a big difference in the positive responses I get from clients and colleagues.”
Margie Adams, Owner, EMERGE (Colorado)

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