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Media Room

Video Interviews

At The Helm
Your Next Mission with Lida Citroen (2014)

710 KNUS
Connect & Collaborate radio show with ICOSA on 710 KNUS
Business Unconventional with David Biondo and Dean Rotbart (2013)

Job interview tips with LIDA360 (2013)

Career Tips for 2014
New Resource For Veterans Transitioning to a Civilian Career
Job tips for recent college grads, military vets
National Goof Off Day (2013)
Tips to make you the perfect job candidate (2013)
How college grads can score jobs by rebranding (2012)
Business leaders learning lessons from Tim Tebow (2012)
From the frontlines to Wall Street (2011)
Expert: Personal branding tips and tricks (2011)
Help Wanted Week (2011)

Fox 31 News
Lida’s work with military veterans (2011)

ColoradoBiz Magazine
Social Media in Business -- Strategy is Crucial!
Social media helped reputation management expert

Program helps vets transition into business world (2011)

KOA 850 Radio
Tips for standing apart from your competition (2011)

Mile Hi Radio
Personal Branding Online With Lida Citroen (2013)
Branding Expert, Lida Citroen (2012)
Tips for Veterans on Employment (2011)
Transitioning Veterans into Civilian Jobs (2012)

Articles Published and Interviews

Colorado Society of CPAs
Managing Your Reputation in a Digital World (2013)

Woman’s Day
The 10 Worst Things You Can Do When You Start a New Job (2013)

Career Attraction
Landmines to Avoid When Building Your Personal Brand (2013)
How to Develop a Social Media Strategy for Your Career (2013)
How to Build a Professional Reputation That Will Elevate Your Career (2013)
How to Make Yourself Irresistible to Your Target Audience (2013)
Intentional Networking: How to Connect with the Right People - And Keep Them Interested (2013)

Social Media Today
The ABCs of Personal Branding
14 Powerful Career Tips for 2014
Social Media Cheat Sheet: Knowing Who to Invite (and How) on LinkedIn
Social Media Cheat Sheet: LinkedIn Connections (Part 1)
3 Rules for Building Social Equity for Your Personal Brand
New Social Media Sites Help Military Manage, Find New Careers
New Social Media Sites Help Military Manage, Find New Careers

Job Interview Attire: Fashion Horror Stories
What to Do when You Don’t Get The Job: It Starts With Being Proactive

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance
Family Finances: Polish your online image

Fortune Magazine
Your career: The perils of self-promotion (2011)

ICOSA Magazine
From The Battlefield To Business: Transitioning Our Veterans Into The Workforce
From The Battlefield To Business (2013 - PDF)

ColoradoBiz Magazine
The truth about lying online (2013)
Should the CEO tweet? (2013)
Create demand with your brand
Three great ways to go beyond your comfort zone
Customers: Here’s what they really, really want. (2012)
Holiday networking on steroids (2012)
Can you be yourself and still fit in? (2012)
Aligning personal and corporate brands (2012)
Cancer is not your brand. Embrace the wholeness of your identity (2012)
Pay it forward. Is serving part of your brand? (2012)
Top 10 reasons to avoid social media. Jumping online isn’t a given. (2011)
Saying You’re a Good Kisser Isn’t Enough (2011)
Your logo is not your brand...unless you're a cattle rancher (2011)
Ego surfing is a good exercise! So go Google yourself today (2011)
Don’t forget Cathy, Alan and Curtis. Frontline employees as brand ambassadors (2011)
Why you? The importance of building a personal brand (2011)
How much info is TMI? (2011)
Reputation as a critical innovation tool: Personal branding starts with you. (2011)
Why Reputation is Everything (2011)

Denver Business Journal
Should professional service firms use Facebook, Twitter? (2012)
Certain traits can help business women succeed (2010)
Great Ideas: Readers offer suggestions to improve Denver area, Colorado (2010)
Branding focuses on more than just company product (2010)

Social Media Marketing Magazine
A Flu Shot for Your Online Brand (2011)
Why Should I "Like" You? Smart Brands Build Followers Online (2011)
Creating Brand Strategy for Online Marketing (2011)
How Real Should Your Brand Be Online? (2011)
Social Media Marketing: What’s Brand Got to Do with It? (2010)
Building Sticky Brands through B2B Social Media Marketing (2010)

NIBA Journal
Stand Apart From Your Competitors | Build Power with a Strong Brand. Part 1 (2011)
Stand Apart From Your Competitors | Build Power With a Strong Brand. Part 2 (2011)
Stand Apart From Your Competitors | Build Power with a Strong Brand. Part 3 (2011)

American Banker
Reputation Remains Industry's No. 1 Problem — Here's How to Fix It
Focus on Your Bank's Brand, Not the Industry's

National Association of Realtors Magazine
Relationship Management: When One Bad Client Threatens Your Good Name

Snow Magazine
Don’t Wreck It. Protect It.

Marketing Media Review
Ukrainian Interview.
How to Network at a Job Fair
Female Veteran Hiding Service
Self-Promotion Will Feel Foreign to a Veteran
Going Back to School After Transitioning
Asking for Recommendations as You Build Your Brand
Discussing Prior Service With Interviewers
Failure IS an Option: 4 Tips to Handle Rejection
What Is Your Unique Value Proposition
Build Your Brand Before Your Resume
Holiday Networking Tips
Crafting Your Elevator Pitch
Authenticity is Key to Transitioning
Build a Networking Strategy for your Transition
Veterans Transitioning from Military to Civilian Careers
Expert Q&A: Using Your Social Network
Military Transition Q&A: Finding the Right Fit
Military Transition Q&A: Image Matters
Navigating Your Transition: Reputation Matters
Interview with Lida Citroen (2012)

Business Owners Offer Some Tips on Creating Your Unique Personal Brand
Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Business Advice
A Guide for the Overworked and Underappreciated
The War at Home: The Struggle for Veterans to Find Jobs
You, Your Network & Your Digital Legacy: Personal Branding for Teachers
Personal Branding Requires Authenticity (Peter Sterlacci Blog)
36 Ways to Create a High Impact Elevator Pitch (Dr. Shannon Reece) (2012)
Egosurfing with Lida Citroen of LIDA360 (Treyz Social Media) (2011)

Press Room

8/29/2013 Lida Citroen, Reputation Management and Personal Branding Specialist, to Address the Audience at CTA Expo, Chicago
8/22/2013 Lida Citroen, Personal Branding Specialist of LIDA360, Offers New Personal Branding Programs For School District Administrators
8/15/2013 Reputation Management Firm, LIDA360, Offers Personal Branding Tips for College Students
8/1/2013 Lida Citroen, Reputation Management Specialist and Principal of LIDA360, Discusses The Importance of Names - From Royal Babies to Businesses
6/27/2013 Lida Citroen, Reputation Management Specialist and Principal of LIDA360, Believes Paula Deen Brand Can Be Repaired
6/19/2013 Reputation Management and Personal Branding Firm LIDA360 Celebrates 5 Year Milestone of Serving Global Clients
5/30/2013 LIDA360 Owner and Principal, Lida Citroen, to Work with Service-Disabled Veterans from The Wall Street Warfighters Foundation Program
5/28/2013 The Autism Society of Colorado Announces Election of Lida Citroën of LIDA360 to The Board of Directors
5/23/2013 Personal Branding Expert Lida Citroen of LIDA360 Offers Six Interview Tips for New College Graduates
4/19/2013 International Personal Branding Expert, Lida Citroën of LIDA360, Recommends Personal Branding Spring Cleaning Tips
4/11/2013 Personal Branding and Communication Services Expert Lida Citroen Recommends Career Reinvestment This Tax Season
3/21/2013 LIDA360 Offers March Madness Tips to Deal with Setbacks and Failures
3/15/2013 LIDA360 Issues Reputation Management Rules for St. Patrick’s Day
2/27/2013 Lida Citroen to Present Personal Brand Innovation Tips at New York Entrepreneur Event
2/20/2013 Hate Your Job? LIDA360 Offers 10 Tips for Moving to Something Better
2/7/2013 LIDA360 Offers Super Bowl-Size Tips to Enlist Fans for Your Personal Brand
1/24/2013 Lance Armstrong Aftermath: LIDA360 Offers 5 Reputation Management Tips
01/17/2013 LIDA360 to Host Personal Branding Workshop Open to the Denver Public on January 25
01/15/2013 Lida Citroen, of LIDA360, Offers Tips On How to Start 2013 With a Clean Slate
01/10/2013 LIDA360 Offers Professionals Tips for Dealing with a Holiday (Reputation) Hangover
01/9/2013 Lida Citroen, of LIDA360, to Speak to Colorado Women's Bar Association
12/18/2012 LIDA360 Announces 5 Tips to Tie Up Personal Branding Before Year End
12/12/2012 LIDA360 Offers Complimentary Resources to Help Veterans Transition to Civilian Careers
12/6/2012 LIDA360 to Host Personal Branding Workshop Open to the Denver Public on January 25
11/27/2012 LIDA360 Announces Ten Tips to Networking at Your Company Holiday Party
10/25/2012 LIDA360 Releases Important Tools for Educators, School Districts and School Transportation Professionals
10/10/2012 Lida Citroën reveals body language insights from election debates
09/19/2012 LIDA360 Announces Tips for College Seniors: Focus on Building a Personal Brand and Reputation
09/10/2012 LIDA360 Announces the Addition of Marketing Expert
08/21/2012 Lida Citroen to Speak on Personal Branding at Women Veteran's Event
08/14/2012 LIDA360 Announces Tips to Fix a Damaged Reputation
08/8/2012 LIDA360 Offers Social Networking Webinar for Transitioning Veterans
05/23/2011 Colorado Author Helps You Manage Your Personal Brand to Attract Opportunity
05/18/2011 What’s In a Name? Managing Your Personal Brand to Attract Opportunity
02/25/2011 Local Business Executive Helps Veterans Transition from War to Wall Street
01/01/2011 Lida Citroën Press Kit

Lida is highly sought after for her ease and approachability in live or recorded TV and radio interviews. Her articles are published nationally in trade, business and blog publications focused on sales, branding, leadership and reputation management.

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