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“If your target audience finds you compelling and relevant, they will offer you opportunities beyond your wildest dreams!”
Empower, ignite and unleash your potential!
LIDA360 offers several programs for executives and professionals looking to attract better opportunities, open new doors, and create a better life.

Whether as a presentation, keynote, speech or seminar, LIDA360 presentations inform, inspire and motivate, while demonstrating how to:
  • Discover what makes YOU unique
  • Impact the bottom line and get credit for your work
  • Take responsibility for your career and create a roadmap for your success
  • Develop strong teams and empower individuals
  • Be present and authentic in all situations
  • Live your brand through authentic and consistent action

Participants learn how to ignite the power of their personal brands through:
  • Online social media and social networking to build visibility
  • Elevator speeches that get attention
  • Intentional networking to expand opportunities
  • Becoming relevant to target audiences
  • Body language techniques and skills
  • Image consulting and tips for success

  • Living consistently and authentically with your values

Program #1:   Stand out from the Crowd - Power Up Your Personal Brand
Whether by design or default, everyone has a personal brand. It’s how you are known, how others perceive you and it determines the value they assign you. Right or wrong, their perception is your reality. Lida’s engaging and inspirational presentations help business professionals take ownership of their personal brands by showing how to create and drive reputation management, leverage their talents, and enhance their individual contribution to the organization.

Program #2:   Your online personal brand can really open doors!
Do you Tweet, blog, comment or post? How LinkedIn are you? Managing your reputation and developing your personal brand online is critical in today’s transparent and information-saturated world. LIDA360 presentations show participants how to create, manage and control their online reputations, exploring social media tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other Web 2.0 tools.

Program #3:   Putting the "I" Back In Team
As companies attempt to break down silos, broaden teams and cross-train employees, the importance of personal branding grows. Smart companies are empowering the individual with tools and strategies to ensure they show up authentically, contribute at the highest level, and always bring their “A game.”

In this program, Lida teaches employees how to identify their unique contribution, leverage their skills to empower the team, and drive results that make them an invaluable contributor:
  • Where their individual contribution and attributes strengthen the team
  • How to identify and draw out the strengths of others on the team
  • Ways to ensure their value and contribution benefits the whole team, as well as the individual, in a balanced way
  • How to work across teams, functions and personality types to ensure a positive result for the company
Lida Citroen Highlight Reel

Lida Citroen at the 2009 ACG Conference
Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference

Corporate and Non-Profit
• Association for Corporate Growth (ACG)
• Ball Aerospace
• Charles Schwab
• Cherry Creek Chamber of Commerce
• CNA Insurance
• Colorado Association of CPA's
• Colorado Association of Law Librarians
• Colorado Association of Realtors Convention (CAR)
• Colorado Free University
• Colorado State University (CSU)
• Covidien
• CSG Systems
• CSU - Executive MBA Program
• CTA Expo, Chicago
• Flood & Peterson Annual Symposium
• Hitachi Consulting
• International Association of Business Communicators (IABC)
• Johns Manville
• Key Equipment Finance
• McGraw-Hill Companies
• Merrill Lynch
• Molson Coors
• National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP)
• National Association of Homebuilders
• Qwest
• Rotary International
• StarTek
• TD Ameritrade
• The DaVinci Institute
• The Sales Association
• University of Denver
• University of Nevada at Reno
• Wall Street Warfighters Foundation
• Wells Fargo
• Western Union
• Women in Cable & Telecom
• Women of Enterprise (WE)
• Women's Vision Foundation: Women's Success Forum

Corporate Branding
  • Brand development
  • Brand assessment
  • Strategic marketing
  • Targeted communications
  • Executive coaching
  • Social media marketing
  • Reputation management
Personal Branding
  • Personal branding for executives
  • Thought leader development
  • Promotions
  • Reputation management
  • Social media development
  • Personal branding
  • Reputation management
  • Training and coaching
  • Seminars and keynotes
  • Professional groups, associations, corporations and businesses
  • College and university students
  • Personal branding articles
  • Reputation management videos
  • Tools and resources
  • Podcasts and webinars
  • “Reputation 360: Creating power through personal branding”
  • Press Kit
  • “Reputation 360: Creating power through personal branding”
  • Stand Apart From Your Competition DVD
  • Tools and resources
  • Video
  • Speaking and training
  • Presentations and seminars
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