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Each of my programs uses reputation management and personal branding as the platform from which to launch into leadership, professional development, social media marketing, and promotional learning. The tools and confidence participants gain in my programs make them feel inspired and help them develop sustainable action plans for their career.

Every program I offer is customizable to meet the goals of my clients and their audience and delivers exceptional results!

The topics I speak on include:

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Leadership & Team Building

  • PROGRAM: Putting the "I" Back In Team
    • Internal networking skills.
    • Collaboration across the enterprise.
  • PROGRAM: Personal Branding for Emerging Leaders & High Potential Employees
    • Personal and group accountability.
    • Moving from individual contributor to leader.
  • PROGRAM: Building an Influential and Powerful Leadership Brand
    • Building influence in the organization or community.
    • Building and maintaining executive presence.
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Personal Branding & Reputation Management

  • PROGRAM: Stand Out From the Crowd - Power Up Your Personal Brand
    • Discovering, designing, and deploying an intentional reputation.
    • Building influence to achieve career goals.
    • Understanding your target audience and what they need/want from you.
    • Leveraging your personal brand through social media and networking and with intentional body language and image.
  • PROGRAM: Building the Student Athlete’s Personal Brand
    • Focus on the skills, attributes, and marketability of the student athlete in a post-graduate career.
  • PROGRAM: Your Image & Body Language – What They Say About You
    • Discover how style, image, and body language reinforce and build a personal brand.
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Online Reputation Building

  • PROGRAM: Your Online Personal Brand Can Really Open Doors!
    • Learning the importance of proactive online reputation management and personal branding.
    • Building your online profiles to be impactful and consistent.
    • Collaborating and engaging with target audiences online.
    • Identifying and creating ONLINE content.
    • Building influence online.
  • PROGRAM: How LinkedIn and YouTube Can Save Your Career
    • Do’s and don’ts of social networking.
    • Using SEO to make your LinkedIn profile findable.
    • Building and nurturing relationships on LinkedIn.
    • Tips for LinkedIn success!
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Empowerment & Motivation

  • PROGRAM: Being Intentional and Focused in Your Choices to Drive Results
    • Saying “yes” to opportunity — when is it enough? (finding moderation and balance in life).
    • Finding your voice and using it to be impactful.
  • PROGRAM: Tapping Into Gratitude to Find the Leader Within You
    • Gratitude and generosity: Pillars of successful leaders.
    • My Gratitude Project.
  • PROGRAM: Creating Your Personal Legacy… Today!
    • The leader within you — creating a meaningful legacy.
    • Keeping yourself accountable and focused on meaning in your life.
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Military to Civilian Transition

  • PROGRAM: Personal Branding for Today’s Military Veteran
    • Identifying challenges and opportunities you'll face in the civilian workplace.
    • Developing your personal brand.
    • USING your military experience to grow your civilian career.
    • Learning what your target audience needs from you and how to become invaluable to them!
    • Taking control over your career by building your brand through social networking, a powerful style and image, networking, and body language.
  • PROGRAM: Using Online Tools to Build the Veteran's Brand
    • Personal branding training with a focus on using social media to enhance the job search and make yourself findable to potential employers and networking contacts.
  • PROGRAM: From Combat to Corporate: Recruiting, On-Boarding, and Retaining the Veteran Employee
    • Overview and understanding of the veteran employee and best practices for recruiting veterans.
    • On-boarding strategies for success, based on best practices from veteran committed companies.
    • Focus on retention to grow the veteran employee.
  • PROGRAM: Growing the Veteran Employee at YOUR Company
    • Tips and strategies for managers (civilian and veteran) to understand and manage veteran employees for success (tailored to your corporate brand).
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Lida Citroen at the 2009 ACG Conference
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Corporate and Non-Profit
• Association for Corporate Growth (ACG)
• Ball Aerospace
• Charles Schwab
• Cherry Creek Chamber of Commerce
• CNA Insurance
• Colorado Association of CPA's
• Colorado Association of Law Librarians
• Colorado Association of Realtors Convention (CAR)
• Colorado State University (CSU)
• Covidien
• CSG Systems
• CSU - Executive MBA Program
• CTA Expo, Chicago and Miami
• Flood & Peterson
• Hitachi Consulting
• International Association of Business Communicators (IABC)
• Johns Manville
• Key Equipment Finance
• McGraw-Hill Companies
• Merrill Lynch
• Molson Coors
• National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP)
• National Association of Homebuilders
• Otterbox
• Qwest Communications
• Rotary International
• TD Ameritrade
• Tri-State Generation
• The DaVinci Institute
• The Sales Association
• United States Air Force Academy
• University of Denver
• University of Nevada at Reno
• Visionary Asset Management
• Wall Street Warfighters Foundation
• Wells Fargo
• Western Union
• Women in Cable & Telecom
• Women of Enterprise (WE)
• Women's Success Forum
• Xcel Energy

Corporate Branding
  • Brand development
  • Brand assessment
  • Strategic marketing
  • Targeted communications
  • Executive coaching
  • Social media marketing
  • Reputation management
Personal Branding
  • Personal branding for executives
  • Thought leader development
  • Promotions
  • Reputation management
  • Social media development
  • Personal branding
  • Reputation management
  • Training and coaching
  • Seminars and keynotes
  • Professional groups, associations, corporations and businesses
  • College and university students
  • Personal branding articles
  • Reputation management videos
  • Tools and resources
  • Podcasts and webinars
  • “Reputation 360: Creating power through personal branding”
  • Press Kit
  • “Reputation 360: Creating power through personal branding”
  • Stand Apart From Your Competition DVD
  • Tools and resources
  • Video
  • Speaking and training
  • Presentations and seminars
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