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First of all, thank you for your service!
As you transition to your next career, particularly if you are targeting a job in the civilian sector, you will soon realize the importance of presenting a powerful personal brand. Your personal brand is your reputation, your legacy and your most valuable asset. In today’s global economy, it is critical that you direct and manage your reputation in person and online and live your core values (walk the talk).

The value people assign to you is directly tied to how they feel about you – and perception is often created by your behavior, image and positioning. Start taking control of your reputation today.

The resources on this site are designed to help you harness the power of your personal brand and give you the knowledge you need to transition to a civilian career.

Military Specific Resources

Veterans Personal Branding Tips
Job Search Tips: Webinar for Military Veterans Transitioning to Civilian Careers

Television and Radio
Veterans need a 'brand' to get jobs (9News)
Connect & Collaborate - Remember Veterans (ICOSA Magazine)
Job tips for recent college grads, military vets
New Resource For Veterans Transitioning to a Civilian Career (KUSA TV Interview)
Tips for Veterans on Employment
The Military Benefits Podcast: Military Transition Tips
Your Next Mission with Lida Citroen (At The Helm)

The Military Veteran as an Entrepreneur (The CEO Magazine)
Workzone: Returning vets are seeing new options (Pittsburg News)
What to Look for in a Great Employer (Military Transition News)
Back On Track
Veterans find military service no leg up in job market
What's in the Book Basket This Week? Politics and Children (I repeat myself)
From Service to Civilian: Four Career Challenges Veterans Face
Personal Branding Helps Veterans' Careers Thrive
Military spouses make working their mission
Program, Book Aid Veterans In Post-Military Business World
Why Veterans Must Relearn the Concept of Trust
Your Personal Brand Matters Most!
5 Tips on Staying Positive During a Job Search
7 Networking Myths Debunked New Social Media Sites Help Military Manage, Find New Careers
ICOSA Magazine: From The Battlefield To Business - Transitioning Our Veterans Into The Workforce
ICOSA Magazine: From The Battlefield To Business - Transitioning Our Veterans Into The Workforce
How to Network at a Job Fair
Female Veteran Hiding Service
Self-Promotion Will Feel Foreign to a Veteran
Going Back to School After Transitioning
Asking for Recommendations as You Build Your Brand
Discussing Prior Service With Interviewers
Failure IS an Option: 4 Tips to Handle Rejection
What Is Your Unique Value Proposition
Authenticity is Key to Transitioning
Build a Networking Strategy for your Transition
Veterans Transitioning from Military to Civilian Careers
Expert Q&A: Using Your Social Network
Military Transition Q&A: Finding the Right Fit
Military Transition Q&A: Image Matters
Navigating Your Transition: Reputation Matters
The War at Home: The struggle for veterans to find jobs
Build Your Brand Before Your Resume
Holiday Networking Tips
Crafting Your Elevator Pitch

Other Helpful Military Resources
Your Next Mission Book

Tip Sheet
Veterans: Transitioning to a Civilian Career

Media of LIDA360 Military Work
9News Piece: From the frontlines to Wall Street
Fox 31 Piece: Lida Citroen and Wall Street Warfighters

Other Helpful Military Resources
ESGR Hero 2 Hired
Veteran's Passport to Hope

Other LIDA360 Resources on Personal Branding and Reputation Management
Blog: Unleashing Your Brand
Book: “Reputation 360: Creating power through personal branding” (Available in paperback, Nook, Kindle or iPad versions)
DVD: Stand Apart from the Competition
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Your Next Mission Book


For more information on personal branding or military civilian job transition or to book Lida for an event or meeting, call us at 800-314-5060 or email

“With your guidance, I have found my direction and the power to take control of my career and my life.”
Jeff, Marine Sergeant

“Lida really understands the diverse skills military veterans possess and is an expert at translating those skills into language that the business community can understand. She has my highest possible recommendation to military vets in transition.”
Mike, Navy Fighter Pilot, TOPGUN Graduate

Lida offers her Personal Branding and Reputation Management programs as a discounted rate for military members and organizations. Lida also offers customized programs that fit your needs. If you are interested in booking Lida to speak to your military organization or at a military event, please email or call 800-314-5060 for more information.

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